Road to Jannah ♥


Imagine walking into a palace made of pearls,

Everyone you love surrounds you,

A large dining table filled all sorts of food you could ever imagine

The fragrant of the atmosphere is so Mmmm, Ma Sha Allah!

You run to the windows to check out the scenery outside your Home


You see rivers flowing outside your Palace,

Rivers of the purest content:

Milk , Purest and whitest you’ve ever seen

Honey , Clear and sweetest you’ve tasted

Wine, I don’t know how it tastes like;) But you never get intoxicated by it

Alhamdulillah , We did it !

You hear birds singing so melodiously

Sitting on Trees , in which fruits hang so low that you don’t have to tiptoe anymore

You could just pluck them whenever you want and taste the goodness!

Neither excessive heat, nor excessive cold,

Always under the shade♥

No more vain and sinful speech,

Only “Assalam Alaikum”

Ma Sha Allah!

What more do we want?


In this world of selfish desires , we often get blinded by the pleasures we get here.We often forget the greatness that is waiting for us in the Afterlife. It is not our fault.It is in our nature to forget what is our goal and go stray.Afterall we are the descendents of Prophet Adam (Alai) who ate the forbidden fruit despite Allah (swt)’s warning.

Whenever I am doing something , the first thing I do is to think. As cliche as it sounds, that’s what we really need to do

  • Am I doing something that is gonna benefit me in AfterLife?
    • Deen > Dunya
  • Am I Pleasing Allah (swt)
    • Is he smiling at me
    • Is he gonna frown at my actions
  • Am I following the pathway of Rasullah (saw)
    • His teachings?
    • Am I gonna make him proud
  • Jannah!
    • Honestly thinking about Jannah immediately motivates me to do the right thing
    • It’s  ∞
  • My Family
    • I need to up hold my family’s name
    • I need to set myself as a role model for the younger ones who look up to me
  • Jahannam
    • Allahu Akbar!The punishments are scary!
    • Do I wanna feel the heat ?Allahu Akbar, No way!
    • Am I not scared of it?
    • Don’t I want to go to Jannah?
    • Whenever I think of the punishments, it immediately sets my mood to do the thing that I really need to do and not what i want to do

The Road to Jannah is not smooth sailing.You need to face several obstacles and endure it.You really need to do something that is worth it.

Something Allah swt said motivates me to hold onto my Deen tight.

He said that those who enter the Heavens are mostly from Rasullah(saw)’s period of time.A little  % from those who lived after him.And the least % is from our group of Ummah!We are the minority!That is because how we have become diluted in terms of the strength of our Deen 😦

Well that sets us to a tough competition doesn’t it ?It is really a  togh fight for us.We need to show how much we are willing to do for the reward that is awaiting.We must be strong in our Deen.We should not slacken easily and say “Well everyone is doing it!So why must I be different from them?”Oh Dear! Allah is testing us..How much we are willing prioritize him?How are we gonna prove that to him?

Allahu Akbar, May Allah forgive us for the sins we did knowingly and unknowingly.

I am 16 (in two months haha, 15 sounds too young).I know what everyone is going through.I am under pressure constantly.I am fearing every step i take towards Allah.What if someone…?I am seeing the world in a mess.What even is happening?We have forgotten why we have been send here for.We need to get back on the path.

We need to constantly remind ourselves who we are?


Practicing Muslims

Aiming for Jannah

It isn’t easy and I know it

But we have to do do it for the sake of Allah

For the sake of Jannah


Wassalamu Alaikum wrwb and I hope it was a insightful post

Share it you liked it and give me advices as well on how I can improve

Jazakallah Khairan




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