What’s so terrible about Jahannam…?جهنم‎‎



The word itself makes me shudder in fear.

I am shivering ,

Covered in cold sweat,

As I read more and more about the Jahannam !

Honestly speaking , right now , as I am typing this…I am feeling very uneasy.It feels as if my heart it squeezing itself.I am not kidding you..*takes a deep breath*

Held by 70,000 chains

Each chain held by 70,000 Angels

Jahannam is a beast !

Okay I am going to describe Jahannam.Hopefully it instills some fear in you.😬

  • Huge and Immensely deep😱
    • “If a stone as big as seven pregnant camels was thrown from the edge of Hell, it would fly through it for seventy years, and yet it would not reach the bottom.”
  • Innumerable people will enter the it .It will house unbelievers and sinners from the beginning of time and there is still place for more😰
    • On the Day We will say to Hell, “Have you been filled?” and it will say, “Are there some more,” {Quran 50:30}
  • Has various levels of heat and punishment, each is reserved according to the extent of their disbelief and sins of those being punished.The lower the level of Hell, the greater is the intensity of heat.The hypocrites will suffer the worst punishment, so will they be in the lowest part of Hell.😨
    • “Surely, the hypocrites will be in the lowest depths (grade) of the Fire.” (Quran 4:145)
    • “For all will be (ranked) by degrees according to what they did.” (Quran 6:132)
  • Dress of the people of Hell will be garments of fire tailored for them😵
    • “…But those who disbelieved will have cut out for them garments of fire. Poured upon their heads will be scalding water.” (Quran 22:19)
  • Everything people use to cool down in this world – air, water, shade – will be useless in Hell. The air of Hell will be hot wind and the water will be boiling.😭
    • “And the companions of the left – what are the companions of the left? (They will be) in scorching fire and scalding water and a shade of black smoke, neither cool nor beneficial.” (Quran 56:41-44)
  • The food will neither nourish nor taste good. It will only serve as a punishment to the people of Hell. zaqqum, a special food of Hell.  Zaqqum is a repulsive tree, its roots go deep into the bottom of Hell, its branches stretching all over.  Its ugly fruit is like the heads of the devils.🤒
    • “Indeed, the tree of zaqqum is food for the sinful, like murky oil, it boils within bellies, like the boiling of scalding water.” (Quran 44:43-46)
  • People of Hell will get so hungry that they will eat from the obnoxious tree of zaqqum. When they will fill their bellies with it, it will start to churn like boiling oil causing immense suffering.  At that point they will rush to drink extremely hot water.  They will drink it like thirsty camels, yet it will never quench their thirst.  Rather their internals will be torn.🤕
    • “…They will be given to drink boiling water, so that it cuts up their bowels (to pieces).” (Quran 47:15)
    • The Prophet of Islam said: “If a drop from zaqqum were to land in this world, the people of earth and all their means of sustenance would rot. So how must it be for one who must eat it?” (Tirmidhi)

Anyone tearing already? I am…

  • The intensity of the fire of Hell will be such that people will be willing to give up their dearest possessions to escape it 😣
    • “One of the people of Hell who found most pleasure in the life of this world will be brought forth on the Day of Resurrection and will be dipped into the Fire of Hell.  Then he will be asked, ‘O son of Adam, have you ever seen anything good?’  Have you ever enjoyed any pleasure?’  He will say, ‘No, by God, O Lord.”
  • Lightest punishment in Hell😳
    • “The person who will receive the least punishment among the people of Hell on the Day Resurrection will be a man, a smoldering ember will be placed under the arch of his foot.  His brains will boil because of it.”

I can’t go any further…it is just too overwhelming. Let me take a sip of water…

So far the description are really scary…my heart is beating really fast.

As we are standing in front of Allah swt on the day of judgement, 

The Jahannam will be looking at those who will be entering

Mankind would not dare look up

Staring at the ground in despair 😞

Guilty for what they have done😔

The people of Hell will be made to weep

They will weep until they have no tears left.

Then they will weep blood until they have, as it were, channels in their faces,

if ships were put in them, they would float.

Allahu Akbar…

As I said in the previous post , Jannah and Jahannam influence my actions to a great extent.Every single time I am about to commit a sin (I am not a saint, shaitan disturbs me as well), I will think about the Jahannam.The name itself petrifies me.

I have known about Jahannam ever since young.”OOH its fire!Its painful!We will burn!”But I never really made it a big thing.As I read more about it while on a bus, i started to  tear.Allahu Akbar!I never expected the punishments to be this severe.

You might be wondering…”Oh why is Allah torturing us when he is supposed to love us 70 times more than my mother?”

  • Okay…what does your mother do when you do something wrong?
    • First she will advice you.”Don’t do that next time”
      • That’s what Allah does in the Quran.He gives us so many advices on prevention of committing a sin:)
  • The next time you do something wrong?
    • Well now she will get mad and warn you”Next time you…you will get it from me!”
      • That’s what Allah does also in the Quran by describing Jahannam and the punishments in the Quran, he is warning us!Not to do it again.Fear him!
  •  One more time you do the same thing?
    • Die lah😂…! She will punish you 
      • That’s what Allah swt does exactly.Jahannam.

Well now that I have explained the punishment theorem , I hope you have learned  the intensity of Jahannam.There is more but I would rather not mention it as …

What causes us to sin?🤔Why are we so tempted?Lets take a step back and look into the Issue🙄

  • Lack of knowledge about religious matters

    • The last example is that of a person who does not care for it and does not take Allah’s guidance revealed through me (He is like that barren land.)“ [Bukhari, Vol. 1, Book 1, Hadeeth 79].
  • Social pressures drive us toward sins

    • We should remind ourselves that time always passes and such friends won’t last us for the full journey of our life and they won’t be with us on the day when we are held accountable for the sins that we committed due to their influence.
  • Sense of pride and arrogance driving toward sins

    • Pride and arrogance can lead us to suppress the goodness and common sense within us
  • Not taking minor sins seriously

    • Many take minor sins lightly taking it for granted that Allah will forgive them for such sins. As a result, they persist in such sins thereby getting desensitized to the need to address them.
    • Prophet (S.A.W.S.) said, “Beware of minor sins, for they will pile up until they destroy a person” (Reported by Ahmad; Saheeh al-Jaami’, 2686-2687)
  • Abandoning the practice of enjoining good and forbidding evil

    • “If the people see an evil and they do not change it, soon Allah will inflict them all with His Punishment (Hadith – Ahmed, graded authentic by Albaani in Saheeh al-Jaami’ (1/398).
  • Not knowing the ill effects of sins

    • Failure to see the impact that sins can have on our lives in this world and in the hereafter. The truth is that if we don’t understand the ghastly nature of sins, we wouldn’t stay away from them.
    • Sins deprive a person of provision (rizq) in this life.
    • A person who commits sins sees that things become difficult for him.

Wassalamu Alaikum Wrwb,

Share it with your loved ones and enjoy the weekend:)I will end the post with a positive image😇and a dua to recite after every prayers!

اَللَّهُمَّ أَجِرْنِي مِنَ النَّارِ Allahuma Ajirni minan naar “O Allah, save me from the fire (Jahannam).” Ameen


Do read my other posts.Even if it was not beneficial to you , it might be for another Muslim and you would get the good deeds if they got to learn something because 👉🏼you shared it 🙂

Deen>Dunya 💞


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