But Allah , I had 100k followers on Instagram…?

Assalamu Alaikum Beautiful Ummah, 

Gone are the days when we used to wake up and talk to Almighty first

Now we wake up by retweeting and liking pictures and seeing the number of likes we got

Gone are the days when we used to appreciate the joy of Dunya to the fullest

Now we take our phone to take photos and videos to share it online

Gone are the days when we used to complain our miseries to Allah swt

Now we share it online instead

Gone are the days when children used to go to playground and the parks every evening

Now all they do is watching YouTube videos 

iPad. iPhone. iPod. 

Gone are the days

Good old days

“Please create Instagram!” “Please create Twitter!” “Why don’t you have a Instagram Acc.?” “Why not?”

I have had many people asking me to create Instagram and Twitter repeatedly though I have told them I do not want to. ( right now I am helping my Aunt in updating her account.Not counted if it is considered my account though..haha but i can sense the addiction on creating a feed. ) It is for many reasons.One reason is because it is unneccessary.Am I gonna get into Jannah for sure if I create a Acc and post my pictures? If yes please tell me , I will do so immediately.

1)Stressful and Controlling

I have seen many people getting stressed up because of Social Media.

“Why didn’t I get any likes?” “Why didn’t she follow me?” “How is she so pretty?” “Wow she is so lucky to have that!”

I myself have been a victim.

I used to be really addicted to this particular one. Snapchat.Yes I know…it was so addictive that I felt the need to take a picture or video in whatever I was involved.I had my phone in my hands every moment.I felt so controlled.If I missed to take a video of something I would feel terrible.

“Oh no..now people do not know I am doing this!” “Ugh..i have missed such a good opportunity”

I would get angry at myself.

As crazy as it sounds, that’s the state of our Ummah now.We are in the hands of various social medias…One sister judges another sister by the number of likes or followers she has on her Acc.One worships someone on the Social Media because they are blessed with something they do not have.

We no longer appreciate what we have.When we were 4 we would look into the mirror and stare at our reflection and giggle.We don’t do that now.Stare at ourself only in disclosure.In the bathroom maybe?We dislike our appearances because of what we have been manipulated into what is beautiful, acceptable.We have lost our identity.Even while studying we cannot control our Nafs but check our phone constantly.


As I said I needed to get rid of  “Snap-chatting all the time” behaviour.What I did was to not use my phone for a period of time.I gave my phone to my mum so that she can bring it to her workplace.I was really desperate.I would use it when she comes back from work.It was for about a month?

I would have headaches when I use my phone for a very long time.It was that sick , guilty feeling.It is indescribable.

You may ask ” What about Social Media? We are not talking about phone.”

Okay I tackled this problem by challenging myself.I would tell my self “You cannot use that app for one solid week.If you win, you will (achieve whatever is your goal)”

So every time you want to click that app, you will remember you do not want to risk your life.And you can slowly step up your game by challenging yourself for a month, 2 months.In that period you would realise you could do so much more rather than check that app.Or better still , delete that app if you can’t trust yourself.

Learn to control your Nafs.

And whoever is protected from the stinginess of his soul – it is those who will be the successful.-{Quran 64:16}



Having a Social Media acc. and being addicted to it is not just damaging to Dunya but towards Akhira as well.

We are told to lower our gaze towards the opposite gender but it’s impossible to do so while social networking.Don’t tell me you lower your gaze in Instagram or Youtube.It is even worse, if you are gonna lower your gaze in public but show everyone your beautiful face in social media?Are you really fulfilling the purpose?Are you really lowering your gaze?


I had this one moment when I was watching a YouTube video and I  realised I was watching a guy talking to my face (it was Sham Idrees Vlogs btw) and I immediately covered the screen with my hands and yeah..it was a weird ,funny incident.It might sound extreme to you.It was the last time I watched his videos.

“Ugh what is she talking about?What’s wrong in seeing a guys face?It’s just a guy!”

You see, that’s the reality of our Ummah.Even a sin does not seem a big deal to us.All we say is ” So What?” and get away with the sins.We give excuses.Selfish excuses.Allahu Akbar, May Allah swt protect us from sinning.

Well…it’s considered Fitna as well because when we see the opposite gender we tend to judge their appearance knowingly or unknowingly.It is part of  our nature.And we will develop a certain expectation for our other half.


And if it does not get fulfilled?That’s how relationships break.I might be too young to talk about Marriages you might say.However it’s the reality.Everything we see from a young age shapes our mentality and how we see the world.And we need to gear up from a young age.The moment you feel funny about the opposite gender, it is a sign you should stay away from them.It is not being old-fashioned.It is called self respect.We have to respect the others too and not cause them to sin because we were a Fitna to them.


To lighten up the mood.:)


“Oh she saw me the other day” ” Omigod, he smiled at me!” < All this is Fitna.

People lose respect for you when you are easy to get.In Islam we should be treated like pearls.We are Queen Elizabeth.Nobody of the opposite gender can talk to us nor touch us.It not being extremist.If you think this is being extreme, I am sorry to say, it is time to change the mentality .We are muslims.We are given the eligibility to enter Jannah.Why do we want to waste it.

I come from a family where I am not even allowed to talk to my guy cousins.Moreover I study in a girls’ school , Alhamdulillah.So I am a really awkward person when it comes to guys.Even if it is my teacher, I would feel uneasy to talk to them ,looking into their eyes.I can’t even order food via phone or even talk to customer services.That’s me.


You don’t have to be like me.But you should not find it easy to talk to them.I can’t emphasise more on this.

So coming back to the topic, its difficult to avoid the opposite gender in this era.At work, school projects, meetings, everywhere!

So I would recommend that we practice lowering our gaze in public.Most of us Muslimahs do it right?I hope so..!In social media, it’s impossible to do so.The only thing I could advice is to

  1. Unfollow the opposite gender if you are doing so.Cut it off totally.Don’t care what they would think or that you would lose followers and likes.Are they going to help you enter Jannah?No!
  2. Do not post pictures of yourself frequently.My advice deep down from my heart is to delete all pictures of yourself online.Yes it might sound extreme.It is worth it for Jannah:)Right?Allah knows you are beautiful.You do not need others’ approval to know that.

He created the heavens and earth in truth and formed you and perfected your forms; and to Him is the [final] destination. – {Quran 64:3}

Every single action you do for the sake of pleasing Allah swt , you become closer to him.One step ahead towards Jannah.You please him;he will please you and multiply your blessings.

Every action you do, do it for the sake if Allah swt and nobody else. You will succeed indeed. Sincerity.

You forgo your fame in this Dunya for Allah swt,  you will gain fame in the hereafter. In Jannah. That’s what we really want. This Dunya is temporary. It is like a testing ground for us.

please allah.png

I can’t emphasise it anymore.There’s are 3 Major sins. And Fitna is one of them. It’s temptations, trials, tribulations. Allah swt is testing you. Are you really willing to control your Nafs. Are you? It depends on you. Nobody else can strengthen you Deen unless you want to do it yourself first. You have to put your mind to it.

Islam should become a lifestyle to you.Not a burden that you have follow.You have to fall in love with it.


Allah swt I want to enter Jannah!:)


But Allah I had 100k followers on Instagram


My tweet got retweeted 5000 times


I had 1000 likes for every selfies



“What did you do for Islam?

You did everything for yourself in the Dunya

Did you have Ikhlas?

Did you do deeds for the sake of pleasing me?

Did you build your Deen to be the strongest ever?”


I don’t want fame,

I don’t want money’

I want the gates of Jannah calling my name.

Jazakallah Khair for taking time to read

Wassalamu Alaikum WRWB

Please share and read my other posts.Even if it was not beneficial to you , it might be for another sister and you would get the good deeds if they got to learn something because you shared it🙂

Deen>Dunya 💞💞


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