Islam is strange…?

Assalamu Alaikum Beautiful Ummah,

The Prophet Muhammad saw said 

“There will be a time,

When the Religion of Islam will return back strange.

Just the same way it began, strange.”

Islam began strange,

and it will come back and return strange,

the same way it began.


Strange does not mean weird, or something which is out of this world.Strange meaning, the society in the World you live in, people would think that life is about a particular thing and a particular purpose.Islam will come back at the truth and everyone else will look at it as though Islam and its followers are on a very weird path 

But our Rasullah saw said ” It’s not weird.It’s strange.Strange to the people.People will lose their focus, while the followers of the Deen will remain on focus

For e.g. Ramadhan, the thing that we see about Ramadhan or fasting is that there is absolute sincerity and there is this idea of being strange/ different to the rest of the world.

Rasullah saw said” Glad tidings and good news to those who are strangers”

When you are strange you do particular actions that are very different to everyone around you.When you wake up in the night when people are meant to be asleep , you are strange.When you speak about pleasing Allah swt and making him your objective, you are strange because others make other things their objective.


Allah swt tells us in the Quran ” Qul Huwallahu Ahad”  (Say, “He is Allah , [who is] One,)

It is Allah swt who should be our ultimate objective.When everyone else makes something else their objective,

Their Desires,

Their Wealth,

A type of relationship they fall into,

A particular job they want to reach,

Then these types of people have not made Allah swt their main objective.What do I mean by that? Yes a Muslim can make a job , relationship or anything like that their main objective of their life.However it should not be before the objective of Allah swt.

What happens to those people who make other things their main objective and ultimate goal. and forget that Allah swt and the Hereafter is their objective.

What happens to them?                                                                                                                          

e.g. Their job or their family is their ultimate objective …and they lose their job one day or a member of their family passes away.What happens to the person who has lost their ultimate objective in life? They become suicidal!They become miserable and feel like they have no reason to live anymore.They lose their way in their purpose in life, because their ultimate objective is gone.

When a person for example makes their muscles their objective.                                            

e.g. They want to go into the gym and be of a particular figure or a particular type of appearance, and they make that their objective and everything around their life revolves around it.Their Deen , their fasting , their parents becomes secondary.If they do not make it to the gym at the regular time , then the person might become miserable, angry at their parents, angry at their brothers and sisters , angry at society, angry at Islam itself !

Because they will find “Why did  this prayers prevent me from achieving my objective?Why did this fasting prevent me from my objective?”

When a person makes something else other than Allah swt their objective , this is the state of these people.When a person makes someone else other than prophet Muhammad (saw) their role model, and that person fail them, they also become miserable.They become unhappy.

When Allah swt created us , He put in something in us and valued us with it.The thing He valued us with is the reason why He ordered the Angels to prostrate to Adam(AS).Which is why shaitan refused to do so as he knows what our value is.

The soul Allah swt placed in us is what makes us valuable, and it needs to be nourished.And this soul has only one objective.Allah swt created it to have a very strong connection with its creator,Himself.


When we nourish the soul, we strengthen the connection with Allah swt.

When we nourish this soul , then whatever we lose in this life ,



Relationship with someone

Some members of our family passes away,

According to our objective , we would know that there is something we can always fall back on.

And that is our soul , The Ruh

Which when we forget about it , it will start to cry 

“Why are you not nourishing me?Why do you care about the temporary desires in the world?Why did you forget to nourish me, which connects you to Allah swt.”

If you do not nourish your soul , when you lose your job for example , you become impatient.You would blame your loved ones and Allah swt himself.

Ummah, A muslim will become a stranger.

And a stranger means, when everyone else is following some other objective , you will be following the ultimate objective which earns you the happiness in this world and the hereafter.

Your soul’s happiness is a very important objective, which connects you to Allah swt.

hot-coalYes!At times holding onto our Deen feels like holding onto a hot coal.You would feel afraid to follow it as others would view you differently.You would want to blend into the society and not be seen any different.Yes it is hard at times.This is the time you have to show Allah swt how much you want Jannah.Every hardship you go through for the sake of Allah swt, you will become closer to him.Our ultimate goal is Jannah.No humiliation is far worser than what our beloved Rasullah saw have gone through.If he himself was able to go through it, who are we? In Sha Allah let’s keep on striving ..!

Jummah Mubarak..! Remember to read Surah Al-Kahf:)💞

Jazakallah Khair for taking time to read

Wassalamu Alaikum WRWB

Please share and read my other posts.Even if it was not beneficial to you , it might be for another sister and you would get the good deeds if they got to learn something because you shared it🙂

Deen>Dunya 💞💞


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